IT sectors of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan dominate in Central Asia, with total IT exports reaching over $800mn

Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan have been rapidly developing their IT sectors in recent years. In Kazakhstan, the IT sector has witnessed remarkable growth in exports, with figures skyrocketing from $50mn in 2020 to over $500mn in 2023.

Meanwhile, in Uzbekistan, the IT sector also experienced substantial growth, with IT Park's residents registering a notable increase in export volume, reaching $344mn in 2023, marking a 2.4-fold growth compared to the previous year.

In Kazakhstan's case this represents a tenfold increase over just three years, underscoring the sector's rapid expansion. Specifically, Astana Hub, a key player in Kazakhstan's IT landscape, saw its residents export $630.9mn over five years, with $315mn achieved in 2023 alone.

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Этот успех не только улучшает экономику региона, но и создает благоприятные условия для креативности и инноваций. Пусть этот рост продолжится, открывая новые горизонты для цифрового развития в Центральной Азии!


Как Хаб в Узбекистане называется?


Добрый день! На данный момент в Узбекистане не представлен Astana Hub, но есть IT Park