Kazakhstan's IT community discusses the development of a digital labeling ecosystem

On October 20 at the Astana Hub, the Digital Labelling Project Office of the Single Operator Kazakhtelecom JSC and Kazakhstan's IT community held an open dialogue on developing the digital labeling ecosystem.

The event aims to engage the IT community in jointly shaping and developing the digital labeling ecosystem to make the process comfortable for businesses. 

"Labels are elements of the digitalization of our economy. Digitalization is necessary, and we aim to introduce it into the economy in a way that makes businesses feel comfortable. I invite you to this platform to discuss possible collaboration scenarios because the IT community can and is ready to provide interesting and, most importantly, convenient services both for business and the end consumer". - shared Bikesh Kurmangaliyeva, general director of the Digital Economy Development Centre LLP, the project office of the digital marking of the Single Operator of Kazakhtelecom JSC.

Speakers demonstrated existing labeling processes and infrastructure and answered all questions from the IT community. Around 30 IT industry representatives involved in the labeling ecosystem attended the event.

The participants of the meeting expressed a strong professional interest in the topic. Some representatives of the IT community shared their experience of implementing labeling at commercial sites where the need for labeling came directly from business representatives from different sectors of the economy. Participants also included IT industry representatives with experience in implementing labeling and loyalty programs for consumers in foreign countries.

"This year, we have developed four systems with corporate labeling. We have fully automated one of Kazakhstan's largest wine productions, where we print the labeling codes themselves and glue them on the bottles. We have also offered our clothing labeling solution to oil workers, medical laboratories, and a shoe logistics company. We help motivate people to scan wine bottles and thereby contribute to the development of labeling in Kazakhstan and receive bonuses for this in the form of cashback and other things," Askhat Kitebayev, co-founder and CEO of IT company Kit Systems.

This dialogue platform will operate permanently, with the ultimate goal of making labeling adaptive for businesses of those product groups subject to mandatory labeling. As a communication platform, the participants have created a "Developing a digital labeling ecosystem" chat in Telegram, where a member of the IT community who can contribute to the development of the digital labeling ecosystem can participate: https://t.me/+g2JKiiTL1vs2MDdi

The purpose of mandatory labeling is to stop the illicit trafficking of goods and protect consumers from buying low-quality products. As a reminder, mandatory labeling has been introduced for natural fur products (from March 31, 2019), tobacco products (from October 1, 2020), and footwear (from November 1, 2021). From July 2022, mandatory labeling of pharmaceuticals has also been introduced.

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