Results of Beginit: Formation of Social Leaders among Kazakhstani Youth

The final of the international social project Beginit, aimed at educating social leaders among schoolchildren from the regions of Kazakhstan, took place in Astana. The program identifies teenagers with leadership potential and trains them to implement social initiatives, resulting in the development and implementation of their own projects aimed at solving problems in their native places.

This season, the project lasted from November 2023 to June 2024 and included several stages of selection and training. More than 800 applications were received for the qualifying rounds, of which 500 passed the first stages, and only 200 received access to the educational platform. Fifty children made it to the semi-finals, for whom a training camp was organized in the mountains of Almaty. Thirty-seven students reached the finals, and seven winners were identified, who received grants for trips abroad for educational purposes, grants for preparation for the UNT, and computers. Additionally, eighteen participants received full grants, including accommodation in Almaty and a scholarship to the inVision U innovative university from the inDrive company.

I researched my journey from home to school. I created a project on how this route could be improved and presented it to the school management. Imagine my surprise when journalists approached me for an interview about my project. I felt how important it was to do something useful for my village, and I saw how my efforts brought results” said Tannur Erkinkyzy from the village of Mamay Batyr, East Kazakhstan region, winner and holder of the first-degree diploma of Beginit.

The festival also included a panel session on the topic “How to Educate a Caring Citizen and Social Leader.” The discussion was attended by inDrive CEO Arsen Tomsky, Astana Hub CEO Magzhan Madiev, Chairman of the Board of Center for International Programs JSC Aliya Ospanova, entrepreneur Aidyn Rakhimbaev, and the finalists of the Beginit program. The speakers discussed joint work on the development of additional education programs on social leadership in the national education system of Kazakhstan, which will allow them to reach even more students and develop the necessary skills for a successful future.

Social leaders are those who are able to influence the lives of large numbers of people and make them better. This requires social recognition and skills, which we intend to teach Kazakhstani youth. I believe in the power of positive leadership, and I believe one hundred percent in Kazakhstan’s youth” said Arsen Tomsky, CEO of inDrive.

As part of the Beginit program, regional IT hubs, such as Astana Hub, have become centers of activity and educational activities for young people interested in this project, providing students with the opportunity to attend classes and study courses in depth.

In 2016–2017, when we defended the concept and idea of Astana Hub, we talked about future cases. We planned that unicorns and international companies would appear on our site and in the ecosystem, which would work and develop around the world, create jobs, train world-class specialists in our country, and carry out many social initiatives. And I am sincerely glad to see that today all this is being implemented” said Magzhan Madiev, CEO of Astana Hub.

Let us remind you that the project is being implemented by inDrive in collaboration with the international technology park Astana HUB and the iQanat Foundation. The company's goal is to positively impact 1 billion people worldwide by 2030 through a series of non-profit initiatives in education, sports, startups, and the arts.


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