How a 14-year-old resident of Jaiq Hub earns 400 thousand tenge

Dreaming of working at Google or Microsoft: The story of a boy from Uralsk who earns 400 thousand tenge at the age of 14

Amir Syatov is an ordinary teenager from a simple Kazakhstani family. His mother is a seamstress, and his father is a notary. The young boy attends Ural High School No. 35, which is focused on the most gifted and talented children in the city. Simultaneously, he engages in development activities: coding in Python and creating game servers. Thanks to this, Amir has already achieved an above-average income in the country. According to the data from the National Statistics Bureau of Kazakhstan in the fourth quarter of 2023, the nominal average salary in Kazakhstan was 393,605 tenge.

In an exclusive interview with Digital Business, Amir shared what led him to IT, how he learned programming, what projects he has already worked on, and also discussed the reactions of HR professionals during interviews and the opportunities to earn well as a freelancer.


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