How does the Kazakhstani technology park Astana Hub help unite EAEU IT specialists?

The Eurasian Economic Union celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. In May 2014, the presidents of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Russia signed the Treaty on the Establishment of the EAEU, later joined by Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. Residents of these countries can move freely across the Eurasian space, pursue education, and collaborate on large-scale projects. One notable example is Astana Hub, which brings together IT specialists from across the region.

"The key is what the hub represents. These are, of course, tax benefits. Astana Hub exempts companies from many taxes that exist in the normal tax regime, including corporate income tax, VAT, and individual income tax on employees. There are also benefits on dividends" said Vitaly Volyanyuk, a member of the board of directors of the medical platform. 

Resident companies are provided with premises and equipment, trained to achieve quick results in a short time, and assisted in promoting their products. The first step, however, is addressing migration issues.

"We have even launched a separate initiative where we work with our participants to maintain lists of everyone who wants to obtain a permanent residence permit. We provide consultations and help organize better services" said Beibut Tuzelbayev, director of the participant support office.

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