IT Conference Beetech Conf 2024 Held in Almaty

On April 27, the fourth Beetech Conf, organized by Beeline Kazakhstan and QazCode, took place at Narxoz University in Almaty. The conference brought together engineers, developers, product managers, agile coaches, and other tech professionals from across the industry to discuss challenges, share inspiring stories, and network with like-minded individuals.

During the sessions, speakers addressed several important topics. Ekaterina Ten (Beeline Kazakhstan), Nazir Asylkhan (tekmates), and Seytkazin Bakytzhan (Kazakhstan Central Security Depository) shared their insights on managing non-material motivation of employees in IT companies.

IT experts Alexey Sharavar (QazCode), Askar Akshambaev (1Fit), Erbol Akhmetov (Astana Hub), and Raul Lindt (Citix) discussed strategies for IT professionals to enter international markets.

For more details, visit the conference website.

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