How to attract investment in a startup

On September 9, a weekly live broadcast was held with the participation of Astana Hub CEO Magzhan Madiyev. In the format of questions and answers, the speaker spoke about how to attract investment in a startup.

Any IT startup is conceived as a future business, therefore, financial investments are necessary for its development. Investments allow entrepreneurs to improve their IT product to solve specific user problems, increase their base, and, in the long run, make a profit. 

According to Magzhan Madiev, each startup should independently evaluate and choose the moment to attract investment. As a rule, this happens at the product/market fit stage, when the IT product receives the first positive feedback from users, and customers are ready to pay even a small, symbolic amount for it.

At the same time, in order to calculate the amount necessary for the development of a startup, a detailed, maximally realistic financial plan is needed: "It is important to take into account all the way that the team will do to increase the demand for the product among users. This will help not only to control costs, but also to predict the progress of the project for months ahead," the speaker stressed. 

Currently, startups have much more opportunities to attract investment. There are business incubators and accelerators that work closely with investors and help startups attract financing. You can apply to venture funds, business angels, crowdfunding platforms, take out a loan or go directly to a private investor. 

Astana Hub provides comprehensive support to IT entrepreneurs who are looking for investors. For example, in addition to incubation and acceleration programs, where there is an opportunity to present your project on Demo Day / Invest Day, there is a startup financing program from 5 to 20 million tenge Seed Money.

Astana Hub also trains not only startups, but also venture investors within the VC School; cooperates with large domestic and foreign BigTech companies that are interested in developing corporate innovations.

The full recording of the live broadcast is available on the @astana.hub page on Instagram. 

Detailed material by Magzhan Madiev "How to attract investment in a startup" for can be read here.

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