Startuphana - let's talk about startups?

To communicate with the founders of the brightest startups in Kazakhstan, to learn the secrets of a successful IT business, to get motivation from Arman Yusupov and Magzhan Tleukhanov - and all this in one day!

Astana Hub invites you to Startuphana - an online meeting where you can learn firsthand the history of the best startups in Kazakhstan.

Our speakers are ready to share their knowledge and experience on how to find an idea for a startup, how to create a dream team, how to analyze the market, how to attract the first investment.

Who are they, our guests? 

  • Yerkezhan Zholdasova - creator of the world social network 24 Goals 
  • Alina Abdrakhmanova - Co-founder of the IN VR project
  • Ayan Birimzhan - founder of the Health Project network of institutions
  • Sima Rozikova is the founder of the e-commerce startup "Salem, Neighbor!” 
  • Makpal Orakkyzy - founder of the online dental service MacDent
  • Asat Ashamanov - co-founder of the Kid Security app
  • Askhat Adhamov - Founder of the TerenOi online school
  • Madiyar Toleugali is the co-founder of the UvU
  • Tleukhanov Magzhan - co-founder of The Flow educational platform
  • Beimbet Babiev - founder and CEO of the startup Oquda
  • The headliner of the event is digital producer, blogger, co-founder of The Flow platform Arman Yusupov @yussupov21.

We are waiting for everyone who is interested in the topic of startups, digital entrepreneurship, IT technologies - regardless of your age, social status and profession.

Plan now: September 18, 11.00.

Registration and details are available at the link.

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