IT-holding Kazdream trained an intelligent system to recognize Kazakh speech.

Artificial intelligence is the property of intelligent systems to perform functions that are traditionally considered the prerogative of humans.

The concept of AI includes areas of science and technology responsible for the creation of intelligent models.

Creation of intelligent systems is one of the activities of Kazdream IT-holding.

As part of the work on the creation of the model the employees of the laboratory of the holding trained the system: it is able to recognize the Kazakh speech.


The laboratory works on creating and improving products, the basis of which is human speech, its analysis and synthesis.

In 2019, the team began work on the ambitious project Scriptur, which aims to create a mixed language model of the Kazakh and Russian languages. The accuracy of the model recognition is at least 75%.

In addition to working on speech recognition technology, the lab is developing three other areas: speech synthesis, voice biometrics, and natural language text processing.

Product solutions for business and government developed in the lab:
- Speech analytics solutions for call centers
- Smart chatbots
- Voice assistants
- Solutions for Smart City, Smart Home systems
- Information Security Solutions

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