Teach for Qazaqstan is looking for leaders!

Teach for Qazaqstan - is about reduction of the education inequality, which arises from the socio-economic context. If you want to improve the level of IT in the regions - join this program as a leader.

Teach for Qazaqstan is part of the global education initiative Teach for All. The mission of civil organizations implemented in 60 world countries - is Involvement of specialists from different fields of activity for their further retraining and integration as teachers in regions and schools with shortage of teachers. 

Graduates of non-pedagogical specialties and specialists with work experience can be teacher candidates. Teach for Qazaqstan will provide additional financial help in addition to the school salary for 2 years, will support teachers in teaching methodologies and will provide curatorial and coaching support. By the end of the contract, teachers may either remain in the education system or go to another sphere. However, global experience of the Teach for All shows that up to 90% of the graduates of the program connect their life with education.

Involvement of the specialist from different spheres has important objectives: it is not just teachers who are needed to eradicate educational inequalities, but role models. Communication with professionals, with graduates of the non-pedagogical specialties and with experienced specialists will expand the students’ outlook on the world, will help them to unlock their potential and will give them new dreams.

McKinsey&Company was one of the first companies who supported the project. Teach for Qazaqstan cooperates with the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Higher Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

First step of the selection has already started, to apply and to find additional information about the program you can go to the official website of the project: teachforqazaqstan.org

 Link to the Instagram of the project is here.

 Call-Center: +7 771 755 45 45

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