Kazakh startups will be able to undergo 5G incubation in the joint program of MTS StartUp Hub and Astana Hub international technopark

Participants of the first joint MTS StartUp Hub program and the Astana Hub international technopark will be able to test their hypotheses and finalize digital products. Startups that develop new solutions in the field of AR/VR technologies, XR platforms, as well as projects in the field of unmanned vehicles and machine vision are invited to participate.

5G technology allows you to transmit video images at high speed and low latency without the need to be physically close to a Wi-Fi router. Fast connection speeds help you leverage the computing power of cloud storage for more complex operations. Today, start-ups in various fields around the world are actively using the capabilities of fifth-generation networks.

Modern technology companies are using 5G to transmit data in mobile games, to operate drones for patrolling the area, and even to broadcast sports matches in high quality.

“We launched 5G incubation together with MTS to support and develop startups in Kazakhstan. The opening of the 5G center will provide unique opportunities for startups to develop and test digital products using fifth generation networks. Today we are witnessing the active development of such projects around the world. 5G technology will give a new impetus to the development of the country's digital sphere,” said Magzhan Madiyev, CEO of Astana Hub.

As part of the 5G incubation program, startups will have access to an extensive IT infrastructure: laboratories, co-working on the basis of the technopark, participation in industry events and the opportunity to demonstrate the project to MTS business customers and clients.

“5G and edge computing are key technologies for the concept of the metaverse as a new stage in the development of the Internet. They open up great opportunities for creating IT companies that will change the way we perceive and consume content. MTS has all the necessary technical base for the development of such technologies. We are interested in attracting partner solutions and are ready to provide expert and grant support,” said Dmitry Kurin, MTS Director for Innovation and Investment.

MTS is a leading Russian company providing digital, media and telecommunications services. Recall that the partnership agreement between Astana Hub and the MTS StartUp Hub Innovation and Investment Center was signed as part of the Digital Bridge international forum in October 2021. Projects that will pass the testing and refinement stages can be launched in MTS 5G test zones deployed in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and at the production sites of MTS partners.

You can apply for participation in the incubation program until February 27 this year.

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