Kazakhstani Women to Receive Free IT Training under the IT-Aiel Program

Astana Hub, in collaboration with the National Commission on Women's and Family Demographic Policy under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, will train 2,000 women interested in pursuing careers in the IT field.

Unemployed women above 18 years old can apply to participate in the IT-Aiel program and receive training in No Code School, Freelance School, and basic computer literacy. Participants can begin their journey on August 1st through online courses conducted in Kazakh and Russian languages. The program includes webinars, workshops, live broadcasts, Q&A sessions, and more.

According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of Kazakhstan, there are 967,000 working-age women in the country, of which 34% are unemployed. Among working-age women, 41.4% have higher education.

A study conducted by Coursera in partnership with the International Finance Corporation and the European Commission revealed that 45% of all women and 60% of women caring for children would have had to delay or discontinue their education if online learning were not possible. This is why the IT-Aiel program holds significant value for unemployed women.

To participate in the project, interested individuals need to submit an application on the website: https://education.astanahub.com/itaiel/rus. Upon completion of the training, all graduates will receive an electronic certificate. The top 100 participants of the program will be invited to an official certificate award ceremony.

The application process will remain open until July 15th, and additional information can be obtained from the support service of Astana Hub by calling the short number 2222.

Astana Hub is the largest international technopark for IT startups in Central Asia, providing favorable conditions for the development of Kazakhstani and international technology companies. Currently, the technopark has 1,090 participants, and the residents of Astana Hub have created over 14,000 jobs.

The National Commission on Women's and Family Demographic Policy under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan coordinates and implements strategies to improve the living conditions of women and families. They develop and execute programs to protect women's rights, support families, and strengthen demographics.

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