Startup ApartX raised $250,000 in funding from Big Sky Capital and Activat VC

ApartX, a startup specializing in property rental solutions, has successfully concluded its seed funding round, raising $200,000 from venture capital firm Big Sky Capital and $50,000 from venture company Activat VC. These investments will empower the startup to enhance its capabilities, fortify its market position, and transcend industry boundaries in the real estate rental sector. ApartX aims to streamline and enhance the rental process by offering reliable contracts, efficient management, and heightened security for both landlords and tenants.

Big Sky Capital and Activat VC are venture funds and firms with expertise in investing in promising technology startups. Recognizing the tremendous potential of ApartX and its innovative and transformative approach to property rental, they wholeheartedly support the company's mission to simplify and improve the lives of property owners and tenants.

Adil Nurgozhin, Managing Partner at Big Sky Capital, expressed his confidence in ApartX, stating, "We have closely followed Kanat's work and have been impressed by his qualities and the project itself. We believe in the potential of their innovative approach and are confident that ApartX will successfully fulfill its mission. ApartX is poised to become a leading player in the real estate rental industry, introducing new standards and innovations. The scalable SaaS solution they propose is a positive indicator for Big Sky."

According to the ApartX team, the funding will be allocated to achieve the following key objectives:

  1. Technological development: ApartX will concentrate on further enhancing its platform. With this investment, the startup can strengthen its research and development efforts, attract experienced professionals, and improve the platform's functionality.
  2. Scaling and market expansion: ApartX plans to actively expand into new regions and increase its market share. The investment from Big Sky Capital will empower the startup to bolster its presence in the market and establish strategic partnerships with key industry players. Their target markets include Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Kanat Keldibekov, the founder of ApartX, emphasized the significance of the investment, saying, "With substantial investments from Big Sky Capital and strong partners like Adil Nurgozhin and Zhan Karsybaev, we are determined to continue improving people's lives through a simpler and safer property rental process. The fund and its founders have a rich experience and a successful track record of supporting innovative projects and enabling their success. Their investment will accelerate our expansion, enhance our product, and strengthen our team. We are confident that our collaboration with Big Sky Capital will propel us to new heights and transform the property rental landscape."

ApartX offers a platform and mobile application for remote property rental management. The innovative startup provides a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for property owners and tenants, promoting transparency in both long-term and short-term rental markets. The unique approach of ApartX has already garnered a broad audience and positive user reviews.

ApartX is an affiliated member of the international IT startup technopark, Astana Hub, and actively participates in the international Road Show Astana Hub program. In 2018, the startup received recognition as the best Internet of Things (IoT) startup from AO "Kazakhtelecom." Additionally, at the Digital Bridge 2021 International Technology Forum, it was honored with the "Startup of the Year" award and received the Astana Hub Awards for its contribution to the development of the IT industry. ApartX is also participating in the joint program of Astana Hub and Google for Startups 2023 - Silkway Accelerator.

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