Kaz Dream - how do dreams come true?

The return to offline continues! Yesterday, a meeting with Dauren Tulebayev, founder and CEO of Kazdream IT holding, took place at the event hall Astana Hub. Dauren told the success story of his company, which has achieved recognition in the Kazakh IT market for 6.5 years.

The format of the dialogue platform allows the participants to manage the course of the meeting themselves, and the speaker to open up as much as possible and find contact with the audience.

  • To date, our team has 460 employees, of which 350 are developers. We work in all programming languages and with almost all databases that exist in Kazakhstan. For comparison, in 2015 we started as a team of seven people. We can say that we are a living example that the main thing is not quantity, but quality," the speaker shares his memories.
  • In 2020, we entered the export market of China and the USA. For us, this has become a new step in development, but this is far from the limit – not only for us, but also for Kazakhstani developers in general.

Kazdream pays special attention to the corporate spirit. 

  • The inner life in our holding is very intense. We have a psychologist, an English teacher, and a bachata teacher on staff. We regularly hold team building, speaking club, organize dance classes, field trips. Our solidarity was especially evident during the pandemic, when we bought and delivered food and medicines not only to our sick employees, but also to their relatives. As a manager, I was pleased to see such collective support.

When asked what is the priority of the team, Dauren answers unequivocally: “our customers.” 

  • Money is just a resource. We work to prove to ourselves and others that we are cool.

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