CORE 24/7 partnered with Astana Hub as part of the Partner Resources program

The International Technopark of IT Startups Astana Hub is now partnering with CORE 24/7, an acceleration company for the creation of digital products and design applications with more than 5 million daily users.

CORE 24/7 is an outsourced SRE engineering team that manages infrastructure and servers. Since 2010, they have been developing new high-performance systems and improving the stability of existing software, tracking business metrics, improving monitoring systems, and providing their customers with 24/7 technical support.

DevOps engineers simultaneously serve over 450 applications, 1,000 different systems, and 100+ Kubernetes clusters.

For Astana Hub members:

- Free product infrastructure and architecture audit of the product

- 25% discount on services

- 25% discount on training courses

To apply for the program, startups need to fill out an application form by following the link or go through the linking page ( and apply by selecting the Core 24/7 resource.

All Astana Hub member startups can participate in the program.

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