Saving for a Dream: How a Resident of Karaganda Got into Tech Orda

New times dictate new rules: we are surrounded by computer technologies, digital services, and artificial intelligence. Therefore, specialists in various IT fields are in high demand like never before. One problem: training as an IT professional is not cheap. However, the state program Tech Orda can help save money for those wishing to pursue a career in web development, 3D design, software development, mobile app creation, as well as in areas like Big Data and Blockchain. This is a joint program of MCRIAP RK and Astana Hub. It provides a unique opportunity for all citizens of Kazakhstan aged 18 to 45 to master IT professions in private educational institutions of the country with the help of a grant. In 2023, there are 219 courses available from 83 IT schools in the country. Ildar Khalfin from Karaganda told us about how to get into Tech Orda and what training in currently in-demand specialties offers.

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