Astana Hub has partnered with an international company that develops tools in multiple programming languages

As part of the Partner Resources program, Astana Hub is now partnering with JetBrains, an international company that creates tools in various programming languages.

For Astana Hub members, the developer JetBrains is offering the following: 

     - Six months of free access to all JetBrains products (up to 10 licenses);

     - From the 7th month, a 50% discount on commercial subscriptions;

     - Six months of free Space software upgrades.


     - The company must be private; 

     - Shall not be more than five years old; 

     - Have its website or a mention on public resources on the Internet.

JetBrains develops tools in Java, Kotlin, C#, F#, C++, Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript, and many other languages, as well as tools for teamwork. 

The products are trusted by more than 12,000,000 users worldwide. Among them are such famous companies as Google, Nasa, Valve, Tesla, Ubisoft, and Twitter.   

To apply for the program, you must fill out an application form by selecting JetBrains Resource.

The program is available to both Astana Hub members and members of technopark programs. 

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JetBarains не дает в руки серьезному разработчику, не говоря уже о team, ничего, кроме клонов Java и интерпретируемых WEB-решений. Ну... а где же серьезный промышленный софт в RTL, что с Kotlin либо Ruby на него заезжать?! М-да... Цитируя Жванецкого: - Тщательнее надо ребята, тщательнее - отбирать надо tools & frameworks!