Experts discussed how attractive Kazakhstan's IT ecosystem is

On March 15, a round table "How attractive is Kazakhstan's IT ecosystem?" was held at the TALAP Center for Applied Research, which was dedicated to the relocation of IT specialists from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia to other countries, in particular to Kazakhstan.


The round table was attended by Magzhan Madiyev, Director General of the International Technopark of IT Startups Astana Hub, Armanbek Tleubayev, Deputy Director of the Department of Information and Information and Communication Technologies of the ICRIAP RK, Andrey Beklemishev, Vice President of International Data Corporation (IDC), Nurtai Abilgaliyev, Head of BTS Digital, and other IT market experts.

The meeting was moderated by Aziza Shuzheeva, a public figure, co-founder of the Digital Transformation Foundation and Rahim Oshakbayev, Director of the TALAP Center for Applied Research. 

"Today we have a very high level of risks, threats, but at the same time a wide range of opportunities that we need not to miss," Aziza Shuzheeva said, starting the discussion. 

According to the General Director of Astana Hub Magzhan Madiev, due to the ongoing events, interest in the technopark from foreign IT specialists has increased and Astana Hub is fully ready for cooperation: "The IT technopark was originally created as an international one and is focused on attracting IT talents from around the world. There is a simplified visa regime for up to 5 years, and today 631 companies are residents of the hub, 69 of them with foreign participation." 

Astana Hub offers zero rates on IPN, CPN, VAT, social tax for non-residents. "This is a great contribution to the support of IT specialists. If in 2019 the revenue of all participants amounted to 19 billion tenge, then in 2020 – 50 billion tenge and last year all our residents earned 166 billion tenge. In general, our industry and the participants of Astana Hub show exponential growth," said the CEO of the IT-technopark.  

In order to attract IT specialists from other countries, it is important to tell them about the advantages of everyday life in the cities of Kazakhstan, the head of BTS Digital Nurtay Abilgaliyev believes. By providing detailed information about work, office, school for children and in general about the way of life, you can "reach the hearts of users, that is, specific employees."  

Full broadcast recording is available on the official TALAP Youtube channel.

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