“We’ve started focusing on what matters”, "We have reached a new level", and “We have had new partners” - feedback from participants of the 1st stream of Silkway Accelerator

The deadline for applications is August 21st. Take your time to apply for the acceleration program of Astana Hub with Google for Partners

The first batch of the Silkway Accelerator program by Google for Startups and Astana Hub has already achieved positive results. For example, a ride-sharing platform that provides safe kids delivery service with best-fit size vehicles - startup UvU, Kazakhstan. They made pre-sales of more than $1.5 million in two weeks of the program. 

"This is the result we achieved with the support of our tracker on the program. We expected to make presales for an amount 3-4 times less. And, literally in the first month of training we have revised our business model, made offers for our clients, learned how to set priorities, and came to such an indicator", - says Madiyar Toleugali, CEO of UvU.

Another outstanding startup, this time from Tajikistan is an AI laboratory - zypl.ai. Its mission is to build AI products that generate net good for individuals and organizations.

Azizjon Azimi, СЕО of zypl.ai, shares their achievements: “Cumulatively what’s happened is that we have had 2 new partners who are going to underwrite over $30 million in microloans and auto loans through our credit scoring software. That’s happened within the accelerator. The reason that we see that happening is that we’ve started focusing on what matters”.

Besides the outstanding results, we also have some positive feedback. The only project from Kyrgyzstan, FemTech startup "NB Fit'' - aimed to improve women’s health through functional 3D fitness. Its CEO and co-founder - Syrga Tilekova shares her impressions. “Expectations have fully justified themselves! We work with experienced mentors and trackers and are glad to be among ambitious and promising startups. I think it will be even more interesting. The rest of the weeks will be even hotter and at the end of this acceleration, we will be a completely adult startup”.

The CEO and co-founder of startup “Fibo Global” (the cloud consulting startup from Mongolia)  - Purevbazar Purevjav also joins the positive feedback on the Silkway Accelerator. “We have a traction meeting every Saturday. Each week we talk about the goal, and how the process is going. They (trackers) are giving advice on how to push to the results. We, as a foreign startup in Astana Hub, get to know what our real goal is. It’s a big advantage for us being here”.

Last but not least a startup from Azerbaijan - Tripsome, helps small businesses sell leisure activities through online booking. Their vision is to inspire people to create and cherish moments of joy and turn them into unforgettable memories.

The CEO of Tripsome Jasur Hasanov shares their achievements: “So, since the beginning of the program we have hired our first employee in Kazakhstan, we have already agreed with 5 operators to join our platform, and we are signing the contract this week. Also, we have already identified about 200 potential operators with whom we are now in contact. We are launching in 2 weeks, and we will be up and running in Kazakhstan”.

These are the results achieved by startups during the 1st Silkway Accelerator stream. By the way, we are still accepting applications for the 2nd stream (the deadline is August 21st). If you want to achieve the same results (or even surpass them), do not hesitate and apply by the link - https://astanahub.com/l/silkway-accelerator  

P.S.  “Always remember, your focus determines your reality.” - George Lucas (Star Wars franchise). 

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