What is No-code and how to make money on it?

You can create an online store, website or mobile application without using any code. By joining the free online course No Code School, you can also become a startup author. General Manager of the Astana Hub Educational Programs Office Daulet Beimurzinov will tell you how beginner nocoders can make money in Kazakhstan.

- Mr. Beimurzinov, what IT products can be created using codeless programming?

- In society, many associate IT with code. A website or mobile application can be created without programming. No-code is not a hype or a depreciation of the work of an IT specialist. It's a way to simplify programming that started in the 2000s. There are many types of No-code tools. Opportunities in this area are expanding every year. Each No-code is designed to create a specific product. With No code you can easily and quickly create any marketplace (online store), website or mobile application.

- Who can participate in the No Code School course?

- There are no restrictions on course participants. We think it will be useful for future startup founders, freelancers and product managers.

- Will there be a selection among applicants? Is basic IT knowledge needed to participate in the course for free?

- Since the course is online, there is no special selection. We do not require any basic knowledge. It is conducted online on the Astana Hub educational platform. Participants can open and study course materials at any convenient time. You do not need to install a special application or browser to participate in the course. Course materials are prepared in Russian. Then there will be a Q-A session with course authors. Participants can ask questions and get advice on their individual projects in a group meeting on ZOOM.

- How long will the course last and what skills will the participants acquire?

- Since the course is online, each participant can plan their own time, but we recommend studying for at least two months.

- What specialists work in the No Code School team?

- Highly qualified specialists work in the No Code School team. All of them graduated from higher educational institutions of the country and abroad. They never get tired of learning new things. We focus on the creativity and openness of team members.

The speaker will be the founder of Product Star, multimedia director of VK, Yandex, x-CPO (product director) of  Skyeng Mikhail Karpov and director of Product Star training department, developer of the Ukrainian online school of premium stylists Alexander Solovyov. Kirill Petrov, a linguist from Cyberband Agency, No Code development agency, will also participate as a speaker. He is former Strategy Consultant at IBM, worked on projects in the banking and energy sectors and Ex Product Owner at Umnazia.ru, participated in the creation of the Financial Literacy, EI, Financial Literacy Tutors products. We also involved Artur Shinkarev, a coach and teacher who was involved in the development of the bank's digital strategy, to this project.

- Previously Astana Hub already conducted  a codeless programming course . What were the results of this course?

- I am glad that the number of participants in Astana Hub educational programs is increasing, but there are few participants who can go from idea to product. To solve this problem, the Astana Hub team for the first time in 2020 conducted a month-long course on the Bubble tool for more than 60 participants as part of the incubation program. At the end of the course, during the Demo Day, 10 participants demonstrated not only their idea, but also the first prototype of a startup project. After that, the idea of implementing the No Code School project appeared.

- Is it possible now to earn money by nocoding on the Kazakhstani market?

- Yes, it is certainlypossible. Many startup authors are already actively using no-code tools. There are professionals who learned a no-code programming tool in a three-week course and made their first $1,000 no-code in four months. Dias Zhumagaliev is a very active member of the Astana Hub no-code community. He created the Lili CRM system for the Lili jewelry store.

If you browse the websites of most companies, you will come across a "Made on Tilda" label. Tilda is one of the simplest and most common no-code tools today, that is, a landing page created using the no-code tool.

- What specific products can be created using nocoding?

There is also a growing number of domestic no-code tools on the market, one of which is AppMaster.io. The WebFlow platform is also popular for creating websites and online stores without code. With Glide, you can create apps and websites based on Google Spreadsheets, Excel or Airtable.

Bubble is a platform for creating web applications, marketplaces and CRM without code. With Integromat, you can automate the entire backend without a single code. Adalo is a platform for creating mobile and web applications that can be published on the App Store and Google Play. We want to teach all this in a course.

- Thank you for the interview, we wish the course participants good luck!

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