The first official forum on blockchain technologies was held in Astana Hub

On December 9, Astana Hub hosted the first blockchain technology forum Kazakhstan Blockchain Day. The event was organized at the initiative of the Kazakhstan Association of Blockchain Technologies (KABT) in partnership with Astana Hub, MOST Business Incubator and Paxaro.

The forum was attended by associations, government agencies, venture investors, experts, and startups in the field of blockchain technology. The platform brought together industry professionals and those who are just taking their first steps.

The opening speech was made by Vice Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan Askhat Elubaiuly Orazbek and Chairman of the Presidium of the Kazakhstan Association of Blockchain Technologies Islambek Tuleubayevich Salzhanov.

During the Forum, Sapar Akhmetov, Chairman of the Board of the Kazakhstan Association of Blockchain Technologies, emphasized the importance of blockchain technology: “We believe that projects based on blockchain technologies will change the future for the better and ensure transparency, fairness and equality for all citizens. Kazakhstan already occupies a leading position, which should not be missed. Therefore, we want to support domestic developers and give them the opportunity to improve their products and present it to the whole world."

According to October 2021 data, Kazakhstan ranks second in the world in bitcoin mining. There were about a dozen in Kazakhstan two years ago, and now there are about 50 mining farms, the largest of which are concentrated in the Northern and Western regions of the country.

“Blockchain technologies open up opportunities for new business models. Therefore, we actively encourage investors and entrepreneurs to turn their attention to this industry, create and invest in start-ups in this area. Astana Hub is ready to support such initiatives,” said Magzhan Madiyev, General Director of the Astana Hub International Technopark of IT Startups.

Eminent foreign speakers made a forecast for the further development of blockchain technologies, including: Ethereum Foundation adviser Vladislav Martynov, blockchain evangelist and lecturer at the Higher School of Economics of the Russian Federation Denis Smirnov and others.

“A very timely and necessary initiative is to bring together bright representatives of the emerging Blockchain history in Astana Hub under one roof. For our country, this is a great opportunity to start a good dialogue between government and business. Colleagues from KABT have already done a lot of work towards the development of mining and have made a great contribution to this direction. But I would like to say that in the world we can take a leading position both in the development and implementation of such technology as Blockchain. This event will feature the strongest speakers who will illuminate the future of the world and its new economy. And this future, believe me, is closer than you can imagine” - Andrey Kokov, co-founder of the platform for managing cryptocurrency assets

The organizers selected 10 most promising startups from Kazakhstan that use blockchain technology in their project. The participants of the pitching sessions competed for cash checks for the development of their IT product in the amount of 1 million tenge (1st place), 500 thousand tenge (2nd place) and 250 thousand tenge (3rd place)

1 place. Idos gaming - esports crypto game;

2nd place. Game hotel - platform for mining in blockchain games;

3rd place. Diversifi is a technical platform for managing cryptocurrency assets.

“We are organizing this forum together with partners, as we have long seen the active growth of blockchain technologies in the world as a whole, as well as the high interest among Kazakhstanis in this market. As a venture fund manager, I can say that startups that use this technology can attract good investments with the right business model. We will be looking forward to the pitch session to listen to the guys,” added Alim Khamitov.

According to one of the forum organizers, General Director of the MOST business incubator and managing partner of MOST Ventures, Alim Khamitov, the Kazakhstan Blockchain Day platform has become an important link between the state and blockchain enthusiasts.

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