Pitch Day for the creation of an innovative proctoring system for driver's license tests took place at Astana Hub

During Pitch Day, organized by the National Agency for Public Service Affairs and Astana Hub, five startups with a working product had the opportunity to present before the judging committee. The jury reviewed presentations of proctoring systems that could be used in conducting theoretical exams for obtaining driver's licenses by citizens.

"The National Agency actively supports the development of the IT sector and innovative solutions in this field. The participants of Pitch Day presented a wide range of innovative IT solutions, including authentication, authorization, and remote proctoring systems, interfaces for administrators, as well as mechanisms for ensuring user data security. We encourage companies and developers to continue offering innovative solutions and collaborate with the government for the benefit of the country and its citizens," noted Chingis Orazalimov, IT Managing Director of the National Agency for Public Service Affairs.

The participants of Pitch Day were:

  • MN Partners: a proctoring system with scoring features, video and audio communication with proctors, chat, second camera connection, live proctoring, an embedded system for test creation, and detailed reports with respondent trust ratings in percentage.

  • OES: an automatic proctoring system for online exams that helps educational institutions, enterprises, and businesses conduct reliable online testing, reduce organizational expenses, and save time.

  • AIS "Platon": a system that allows for the administration of theoretical and practical exams for obtaining a driver's license, including accepting/processing applications for taking the theoretical exam.

  • Oqylyq.kz: a platform used for distance learning and knowledge assessment. Additional modules for automated proctoring and anti-plagiarism ensure objective and fair conduct of distance exams/tests.

  • Examinator: a system for taking examination tests with remote proctoring and auto-proctoring capabilities.

After collective discussions, the members of the judging committee decided to select the Oqylyq.kz system for piloting the implementation of the driver's license proctoring system. This system includes biometric identification, records and analyzes user actions during the exam, allows real-time monitoring of examinees, logs user activities, and automatically generates a certificate upon exam completion.

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