Hustle Startup Emerges as Winner of Pizza Pitch 2023 at Astana Hub

Over 30 startups submitted their applications to participate in Pizza Pitch by Astana Hub, presenting their projects. Out of them, 8 projects were selected to compete in the finals. Each of them showcased their product before experts, receiving feedback and evaluations. It's worth noting that this edition of Pizza Pitch took place not only in the offline format but also in the metaverse, adding a futuristic atmosphere.

"Pizza Pitch is not just a platform for startup presentations; it is an arena where ideas blend with innovations, and ambitions collide with opportunities. On this stage, startups step out of their comfort zones, pitch their ideas in just three minutes, paving the way for unlocking potential and achieving success," shared Olga Izmailova, the Director of Events at Astana Hub.

The winner of Pizza Pitch is the startup Hustle—a fitness application enabling users to book personal training sessions with coaches or participate in group workouts.

"There are many coaches and professional athletes retiring who face difficulties in finding work due to a lack of fitness clubs and gyms. Our application will help them find clients, creating an efficient bridge between trainers and those seeking professional fitness sessions," presented Ruslan Tleubaev, CEO, and founder of Hustle.

Other finalists in the Pizza Pitch included:

  • Tez-tez: Self-service kiosks based on tablets for the foodservice, hospitality, and events sector.
  • Virtual accountants for seamless business management 24/7.
  • Odep Lab: A research and project school aimed at nurturing scientists and Nobel laureates.
  • Tasyma: Digital freight transportation based on Machine Learning using Tinder-like technology.
  • A data analysis platform transforming information from various sources into strategic insights.
  • QULPYN.AI: A project for translating audio, video, and text into the national languages of CIS countries using artificial intelligence.
  • GoFi: A service for finding gifts and other components for celebrations, operating on artificial intelligence technology.

In 2023, four Pizza Pitch events were organized, one of which took place within the Go Viral festival. This year, over 1,300 people attended the Pizza Pitch platform. More details about previous Pizza Pitch finals can be found on the platform.

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