Why is it profitable to create an IT business in Kazakhstan?

Every year there are more and more startups that move to other countries. Moving to Portugal, the UK and Ireland is no longer as beneficial for moving a startup due to the high cost of living.

For the CIS countries, Kazakhstan is an ideal option for moving a startup. Since the beginning of 2022, 4 companies from Ukraine, China and Cyprus have become participants in the technology park. Since 2019, companies from China, Singapore, Georgia, the USA, South Korea, Turkey, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Japan, Kyrgyzstan and the Czech Republic have been participating in Astana Hub. So, today 69 out of 631 companies participating in the technopark are foreign.

Astana Hub provides tax and visa benefits, workshops, master classes, individual consultations and traction meetings for startups, as well as training and consulting services and PR. When opening an IT business in another country, it is important to consider the costs of launching a campaign and paperwork procedures. For example, you can start an IT company in Kazakhstan online in a short time (1 - 3 business days), and you will need a minimum package of documents. And the entry into the Astana Hub tax regime will take up to 10 days.

Do you want to open an IT business in Astana Hub? Useful information can be found here.

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