The search platform "Work without Borders" for the selection of open vacancies and specialists in the EAEU countries will be launched on July 1

The IT project "Work without Borders" is a search engine for access to information about vacant vacancies and the selection of specialists, which is contained in the national information systems of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union. The launch of the project is scheduled for July 1. A unique digital solution has been created for job search and employees in all fields of activity.

Since the launch of the unified search system "Work without Borders", all organizational measures have been carried out, standard software has been created, preliminary autonomous and complex tests have been carried out. At the moment, the system is being operated in the countries of the Union in search of resumes and vacant jobs.

The project aims to improve economic relations and increase the conversion of personnel in the EU member states. Thus, the exchange of personnel and the growth of interaction between the markets of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union will be accomplished.

Project "Work Without Borders" , if necessary, can become one of the services of the labor migration accounting information system," said Gegham Vardanyan, Minister of Economic Development of Russia.

A distinctive feature of the project is the use of a distributed architecture, without combining all databases. The technology of the digital platform provides the necessary access to information on potential vacancies and resumes, and also excludes cross-border transfer of information and data storage.

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