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If you haven't been to our Pizza Pitch yet, then you've missed a lot! Because this is where the concentration of mind, creativity, ideas and professionalism takes place.

Every month startups prepare to present their IT solutions to experienced experts and get a fair assessment from them. As experience shows, to hear a positive feedback, it is not enough to develop a cool product - it is equally important to be able to present it correctly. 

The trick of the event format is that the speaker is given only 3 minutes for each speech. The culture of such a small amount of time for a pitch has developed for a reason — potential investors, among whom there may be large businessmen or top managers, are usually very busy and they have to listen to a lot of such presentations. It is believed that 3 minutes is the ideal time to interest an investor so that he has a desire to learn more about the startup and further finance it.

At the next Pizza Pitch meeting, the following startups presented their projects:

Opportunity is the first regulated real estate investment platform in Kazakhstan;
Expetra is a web-based financial accounting application with a Game-Fi element;
UNCMP - a platform for graduates;
Invite is a social network where chats are created by invitation to various events;
around is an application that allows you to find a nearby neighbor who provides services or sells goods;
Neemble is a streaming blockchain platform for Web 3.0; 
Privat – an application for business dating; 
Lean Development is a platform for hiring developers. 

Most of the projects are aimed at solving daily issues that arise not only for entrepreneurs, but also for ordinary people.

Specially invited experts evaluated and commented on the speakers' speeches: 

Egor Smetanin is the Director of the inDriver City Orders Vertical Development Department, Nikolay Tyan is the tracker of Astana Hub programs, and Tanat Uskembayev is the director of the Astana Hub Corporate Innovation Office.

"It's nice to perform at a venue where you can practice performing in public. Especially when you are the founder of a company, and you can get good unbiased feedback, after which you understand what is worth focusing on what is not. You try to explain the essence of your idea in a structured and understandable way in a short time. For beginners, but not only entrepreneurs, Pizza Pitch is the very thing. The main thing is that everything takes place in a friendly atmosphere, where you gain self-confidence and you can no longer be afraid to speak in front of big investors," Arman Bayev, founder of the Opportunity project, shares his impressions.

Life hack: if you come to Pizza Pitch on time, you can enjoy delicious pizza and drinks from Shaurma Food

Photos from the event

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