Get more opportunities by joining the Astana Hub community

You can find an investor, partner, IT specialist, as well as a IT-company for an internship in the "Community" section on the platform. The database of IT-companies and startups is regularly updated here.

Everyone who fills out personal cards becomes a member of the Astana Hub's community. This is convenient both for startups that can be noticed by investors and partners, and for investors who are looking for interesting projects. To do this, you just need to go to the "Community" section and create a card.

In this section, there is a user-friendly interface: using the filter, you can select the scope of activity of the IT-company and startup, сonsequently you can quickly find the information you need.

For example, the startup Admitted on "Community" section found a co-founder of the project.

“Our project was created in December 2021. We are working on creating an algorithm for selecting foreign universities for students. I saw the Oquda project in the community, i noticed that Oquda is close to us in the direction, we connected with owner and now we are partners, ”Arsen Kylyshbek, CEO of the company, shares his experience.

The content of the "Community" section may be useful to you. Fill out the cards about your project and become part of the Astana Hub community.

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