GAME-CHANGING Event: WePlay Ventures and Astana Hub GameDev Center Iidie Games Demo Day!

The gaming landscape in Kazakhstan is set to undergo a profound transformation with the proudly presented Indie Games Demo Day by WePlay Ventures and Astana Hub GameDev Center. This event, scheduled for September 28th, is a beacon of opportunity for gaming enthusiasts, independent game developers, and corporate studios looking to redefine the future.

WePlay Ventures, a leading venture capital firm passionately supporting innovation and growth in the gaming industry, is joining forces with GameDev Center for the Game-Changing Event! With a deep love for games, WePlay offers investment, mentorship, and resources to support game developers and studios on their path to success. GameDev Center serves as a vibrant meeting point for game developers and enthusiasts, empowering the future of game development while fostering the growth of the gaming industry through workshops, events, and networking opportunities.

The Spotlight is on You!

Here's a fantastic opportunity to showcase your creativity, innovation, and gaming passion: Join the Demo Day to present your game and studio to an elite panel consisting of industry experts and investors. At the event, you can pitch your game project to potential investors eager to support the future of the gaming world and secure funding. You can also make connections with industry leaders, experienced mentors, and fellow game creators. Most importantly, you have the chance to participate in an upcoming acceleration program that offers invaluable guidance, resources, and mentorship to take your game studio to new heights in the industry.

Why Should You Participate?

Let your gaming talent and innovation be recognized on a national and international scale!

Are you ready to be part of a live, supportive community of game developers and passionate gamers to promote your game project globally? At this event, you can listen to success stories and experiences from experts who have specialized in this field and achieved success, inspiring you to turn your dreams into reality. Secure funding and resources to bring your visions to life.

Secure your spot at the Indie Games Demo Day, an unmissable opportunity to shape the future of gaming in Kazakhstan. Whether you're an independent game developer, an experienced studio, or a passionate gamer, this event promises to be a game-changing experience. Join us for a day filled with innovation, creativity, and limitless possibilities, featuring guest speakers Burak Yılmaz, the Managing Director of WePlay Ventures, and Saltukhan Gülşen, the Investment Management Leader. We look forward to welcoming you!

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