Excellent and successful: Rinata Ilyubaeva

Girls in IT have not caused surprised looks for a long time. They create bold projects, innovate everyday things and inspire. We want to talk about the wonderful and successful representatives of the domestic world of startups. Meet Rinata Ilyubaeva, director of Kompra service.

- I came to the IT sphere not so long ago and, one might say, by accident. After graduating from the university with a degree in International Relations, I started working in the field of sales and promotion of products, until one day, 4 years ago, I got into an IT project at the invitation of its founders, where I deal with management, service and interaction with clients. This is how my personal startup story began.

- The essence of the Kompra project is a counterparty verification service, the first professional service of its kind in Kazakhstan. We work deeply in the field of compliance, the field of forensic, we hold our own event on economic security. We are confident that our project is a must have in today's realities, as we fight against fraud, pseudo-business, help clients build a stable business, leveling all sorts of financial and economic risks. Kompra's mission: we build a professional transparent business community.

- Our team today has 25 people, and at the beginning I was the only girl in the team of five developers. They were convinced that they were making a cool project that would sell itself. I had to prove that it’s not enough just to make a cool IT product, you also need to be able to present it, present it. However, today in our team there are no communication problems due to gender or age prejudices, the main criterion for all of us is the professionalism and soft skills of a person.

- Our startup is aimed at developing economic security, which is mainly represented by men. I do not argue that these are almost always cool professionals who have been working in this area all their lives and perfectly understand the difference between physical, personnel, economic and information security, and yes, they are used to working only with men. Therefore, my appearance at presentations and events often causes surprise: “What does this young girl understand about safety?”. However, then in the course of conversations, when we start discussing process automation, I feel like sympathy and respect for me increase, because I speak the same language with them.

- There are women who inspire and motivate me to always go forward. The first of them is Angelina Jolie, my personal standard of a woman and mother. She fights for the rights of refugees and immigrants, has a huge impact on humanitarian policy in third world countries. The second is Gulmira Abdrasheva, the founder of the “Club of kind people”. She does a great educational work among young girls. Gulmira in her Instagram blog gives a powerful incentive to young Kazakhstani women who find themselves and their place in the world, learn to be self-sufficient and realize themselves. And the third is Ekaterina Shulman, a political scientist, a sociologist from Russia, a very smart woman. I think every girl should have such an example that will motivate her to never give up.

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