Tell us how Astana Hub has changed your life and win an iPad!

Astana Hub is celebrating its 5th anniversary! To mark this milestone, we are launching a contest where you have the chance to win an iPad.

Participation conditions:

- Be a follower of @astana.hub
- Create an engaging post or captivating Reels on Instagram, sharing how Astana Hub has transformed your life and influenced the success of your startup or company
- Tag the official account @astana.hub
- Use the hashtag #AstanaHub5years

Share your story about Astana Hub and become the owner of a brand new iPad. Each participant will receive a unique number, and we will use a randomizer to determine the winner.

Don't miss your chance! The contest will run until November 30th.

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Участвуют только компании?


Здравствуйте! Нет, ограничений нет :) Делитесь своей историей про Astana Hub и станьте обладателем совершенно нового планшета iPad.