Analysis of Cases: Common Mistakes of Technology Park Participants in the Consulting Field

The monitoring service of Astana Hub emphasizes the importance for the technology park's participants to adhere to priority types of activities in the field of information technologies. As a result of the activity analysis, violations were identified related to the conclusion of contracts for consulting services that fall outside the established parameters.

During the ongoing monitoring of the activities of the technology park's participants, some cases of commitment violations were identified. These violations were related to generating income from consulting services not included in the List of priority types of activities in the field of information technologies. The conclusion of contracts at stages preceding software development, including analysis and compiling requirements, planning and designing software, is considered a violation of participation terms.

This month, cases were detected where companies signed contracts for architectural design using graphic editors. One of the participants earned income from designing interior design projects using graphic editors such as 3ds Max, SketchUp, ArchiCAD, and AutoCAD. Some companies mistakenly entered into contracts for providing services preceding software development, such as analysis and compiling product requirements, planning and designing software, compiling technical tasks, and various roadmaps. All these types of activities do not correspond to priorities in the ICT sector, and the conclusion of such contracts is not permissible. Participants are advised to conclude contracts for development, within which there may be stages for planning and designing the software product.

In another case, a participant provided consulting services in marketing at a client's request, developed a strategy, conducted analysis and market evaluation of the considered product, launched advertising campaigns, etc. Undoubtedly, it's commendable to have expertise and competencies in areas not related to ICT. However, the condition to derive income exclusively from priority types of activities is mandatory for all participants without exception.

Astana Hub appeals to its participants to adhere to the terms of participation in the technology park by concluding contracts for software development and avoiding violations. This will prevent possible early termination of participation and unnecessary inspections by tax authorities.

The monitoring service congratulates the IT community on the upcoming New Year, wishing prosperity and success while adhering to the rules of participation in the technology park!

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