Regional IT hubs and Digital Nomads launch a series of masterclasses for Kazakhstani schoolchildren and students

These free online masterclasses will be conducted by leading IT specialists from Digital Nomads, in collaboration with Astana Hub.

Digital Nomads is an association of over 4,000 Kazakhstani IT professionals, founded by the Minister of Digital Development, Innovation, and Aerospace Industry of Kazakhstan, Bagdat Musin. These talented individuals have worked for leading global companies and are committed to developing the IT industry in Kazakhstan.

At the online masterclasses, speakers from Digital Nomads will share their experiences and case studies with young listeners through workshops, webinars, Q&A sessions, and more. The first webinar, "About IT: is discipline more important than talent?" will be held on April 12, with Daulet Almagambet, founder of and Discover app, IOS & Yandex Developer, and a graduate of nFactorial, SDU, and NIS, as the speaker.

To stay informed about these online masterclasses' dates, times, and topics, visit Astana Hub's social media pages for detailed information.

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