The brightest startups presented their products to Bagdat Musin

A promising startup is a concentration of mind, creativity, ideas and professionalism. This was proved by the participants of the next Pizza Pitch, which was held on May 20 at the International Technopark of IT Startups Astana Hub.

Every month startups prepare to present their IT solutions to experienced experts and get a fair assessment from them. As experience shows, to hear a positive feedback, it is not enough to develop a cool product — it is equally important to be able to present it correctly. 

This time, specially invited experts evaluated the speakers' performances: 

Bagdat Musin — Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
Rostislav Konyashkin — Chairman of the Management Board of National Information Technologies JSC;
Baizhan Kanafin is the General Director of Documentolog LLP.

After expert diagnostics of all applications, the organizers selected 7 participants. Each startup is aimed at solving pressing problems relevant to people of different ages, professions and interests. This:

15 minute is a platform that makes it easy to communicate personally with carefully selected experienced mentors on the topics of career choice and employment. The project is conceived as a replacement of online courses with personal mentors.

Foody is a marketplace for catering businesses. The application simplifies the search for cafes and restaurants and online booking, as well as helps business owners attract new customers. Foody combines the functionality of several applications: 2Gis, Instagram, Sagi, into one. The developers focus on the trilingual menu: Russian, Kazakh and English.

Tradesense — instant notifications of price changes in stocks with automatic search for reasons in open data sources. This is a service for analyzing the securities market, including market data, financial indicators, as well as exchange data in real time with the provision of aggregated information to users in a convenient form. The key feature of the service is the comparison of news events and stock exchange data, including the value of shares, the volume of transactions in real time. 

Banana App is a platform for developing mobile applications without code. The product offers an easy entry threshold into mobile development, low cost of mobile application development, fast product acquisition and the ability to scale.

Smartestprep is a 70% automated platform that helps with admission and exam preparation. The user receives full support at all stages: from identifying the candidate's strengths and weaknesses and selecting a university to assistance in writing motivational letters and collecting documents. 

The founder of the project, Laura Vaigorova, said that thanks to their service, a person saves up to $10,000 at the preparation stage and up to $ 400,000 on training. By the way, this particular startup was recognized as the best today. 

LOGIZI is a marketplace for shippers, a platform for selecting courier companies for sending documents, goods, etc. across Kazakhstan and around the world. The startup cooperates with all courier services.

Beksar.qz – clear and simple automation of accounting of goods and sales in business.            

"I am glad that the ecosystem of domestic startups is growing like a snowball today. We have made great progress and now there are more and more really cool projects in the country that are ready to enter international markets. I thank all the participants and wish each startup to set impossible goals for itself and confidently go to them so that your projects are valued not at $ 10 million, but at 100 billion," Bagdat Musin said.

We thank the sponsors of our event: SF and energy partner Red Bull.

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