Scalerator 2024: Applications for the export support program for IT startups are now open

The international technology park Astana Hub has announced the launch of the fourth stream of the Scalerator export program. This program aims to assist startups in scaling to various global markets, including the USA, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, the CIS, and Southeast Asia.

IT projects at the Product Market Fit or Scale stage are eligible to participate in the program. The program spans a total duration of 4 months, during which startups focus on honing comprehensive competencies in the realm of foreign economic activity, specifically tailored for IT company representatives.

Scalerator serves as an export support initiative, offering educational and non-financial measures aimed at expediting the growth of companies in global markets. Throughout the program, experts impart their knowledge on market entry strategies, enabling startups to tailor their products to new markets while considering cultural nuances for initial sales. Additionally, key employees receive effective promotion tools to enhance their market penetration efforts.

The program comprises two main components: an educational block and a sales track (sales-track). During the initial block, participants engage in practical tasks to master skills in market analysis, identifying target segments, packaging products, and client acquisition through platforms like LinkedIn, the web, and inbound strategies. The sales-track block focuses on developing an export strategy, lead generation, market expansion, and sales tactics.

Since its launch in 2021, the Scalerator program has seen 148 startups successfully complete the journey. These startups have collectively generated $1.3 million in sales and pre-sales under participant contracts, securing over 50 export contracts.

Notable among past program participants are startups like KAC ERP and AIC 24, which achieved significant cumulative export sales during their participation. KAC ERP, specializing in management and accounting automation using 1C software products, exported services valued at €200 thousand to Austria and Ukraine. Meanwhile, AIC 24 penetrated the Uzbekistan market, generating earnings of $420 thousand. AIC 24 offers a platform designed to address fraudulent activities by company employees, individuals, and legal entities, streamlining the decision-making process.

For further details regarding the Scalerator program and application instructions, kindly visit the provided link.

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