SCALERATOR: North America and Europe

The first accelerator program from Astana Hub - SCALERATOR, ended today, where technology companies, together with top experts, conducted market research for 8 weeks, studied competitors and prepared a marketing strategy for entering the foreign market. We'd like to introduce you to 10 Scalerator members who are already entering the North American and European markets.

Uxstone Design & Education is a design company led by Almas Tuyakbaev that believes in effective transformation through research, technology and design. Provides services for testing prototypes and finished products, as well as creating services for designing user interfaces and user experience design.

Maxinum Consulting Group is a technology and implementation consulting company. Under the leadership of Azat Yessenov, the company organizes the processes of automation of analytical processes, as well as visualization of data supplied for export.

Akhter Studio is an international association of talented people with the aim of creating high-quality digital products for customers and users from all over the world or for internal use. The company conducts full-cycle product development. The founder of the startup is Admet Akhter.

DeepLook is Tatyana Nikeshina's data visualization analytics platform that helps users create dashboards without the need for programming, as well as view taxpayer files by querying data from source systems.

Ant is a SaaS platform that allows stores and suppliers to easily and quickly purchase the necessary goods, as well as automate the entire document flow chain: from ordering to accounting documents. Aydos Orazgazy is in charge of the company.

Connected Home is a unique affordable smart home concept that provides security and comfort in homes through smart IoT devices and provides various services in a mobile application to create an ecosystem. CEO of the company - Mukhtar Kuanyshbayuly.

Orion System is a company that specializes in the development and production of telematic devices (M2M devices) for the implementation of the Internet of things (IoT) in various fields. The company provides a full range of works: from the development of software and devices to the integrated implementation of IoT projects. CEO - Denis Fedorov.

Damumed is a digital medical ecosystem created under the leadership of Talgat Yelemanov, which provides clients with a wide range of digital medical services, including making an appointment with a doctor, finding the right medicines, storing an electronic medical record.

VOCA.CC is a marketplace of tours tailored to the level of the traveler. The system analyzes more than 70 parameters, including data about a person and his travel experience, about his preferences and restrictions on budget or time. After that, the system compares the possible options and offers an individually tailored tour in real time. Startup CEO — Temirlan Berkimbaev.

QZhub is a BIM platform for managing production processes that achieves transparency through the use of modern technologies. Serik Muratuly Dzhilkishiyev’s team has developed a platform that allows you to remotely monitor the amount of work done, provide the right information to the right person, make copies of documents with the ability to integrate them into mobile applications, and much more.

The operator of the program was the agency Solyanka.

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