Seed Money 4.2: Applications Open for Fifth Round of Astana Hub's Funding Program

The international technology park Astana Hub is now accepting applications for the Seed Money 4.2 startup funding program. This initiative offers promising startups the opportunity to receive up to 20 million tenge, depending on their development stage.

Applications are open until June 9 and can be submitted via this link.

In addition to funding, participants in the Seed Money program will benefit from free access to the Astana Hub co-working space for startups from other regions, consultations with industry experts, B2B/B2G meetings, and networking opportunities with investors and business angels.

The program prioritizes the following areas: AI, Blockchain, Defense Tech, Game Development, Space Tech, Hardware, and Smart City. To qualify for Seed Money, a startup must fall into one of three development stages:

MVP (Minimum Viable Product): A product with just enough features to attract early adopters.

PMF (Product-Market Fit): A product that meets the needs of a specific market and provides value to consumers.

SCALE: The stage of expanding sales by reaching new customer segments and entering new markets.

To apply, the team must have at least three key members, including a project manager dedicated solely to the project. This ensures maximum productivity and effective process management. Additionally, the applying startup must be a registered legal entity to provide a legal framework for funding, partnerships, and client interactions.

Since the launch of Seed Money in 2021, 45 projects at various development stages have received funding ranging from 5 to 24 million tenge. Of these, 67% have achieved revenue and scaled their operations. Funding is provided from Astana Hub’s own resources through a Revenue Share model, requiring a 1% payment after all funds are disbursed for five years, and an additional 1% as a participant in the technology park. These funds are reinvested into the IT industry ecosystem, including financing for future Seed Money programs.

For more information, visit the Astana Hub platform or contact the call center at short number 1818.

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