Students from the Pavlodar region have joined the social leadership program "Beginit by inDrive" with the support of Pavlodar IT Hub

The qualifying round for the course on social leadership and project activities "Beginit by inDrive" has kicked off in the Pavlodar region. The initiative, supported by Astana Hub and Pavlodar IT Hub, aims to help young people unlock their potential and develop skills to create innovative solutions in the social sphere of the region.

The Beginit program provides a unique opportunity for tenth-grade students from the Pavlodar region to undergo an educational course on social leadership. Experienced business and creative industry leaders will work with participants, guiding them in creating research and social projects aimed at addressing the region's current challenges.

"Previously, students looked up to movie and stage stars, but now many dream of becoming IT specialists like Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg. Local students are likely to consider Bagdat Mussin, the current Minister of Digitalization and a former student in Pavlodar, as their role model. Our program is precisely aimed at nurturing qualities in a child that would allow them to become a social leader in the future—a role model for future generations. We have received hundreds of applications from all over Kazakhstan, but only the strongest will reach the finals. Perhaps someone from those who win the grant will be a student from the Pavlodar region," said Ersain Kabdrashev, the project manager of Beginit by InDrive.

The finalists of the Beginit program will receive grants for education at a new innovative university opening in Almaty.

"There is a lot of creative youth in the Pavlodar region. I want to express sincere gratitude to the Beginit by inDrive initiative for their excellent project. They reach out to school students and help them choose their future profession. I sincerely believe that this project will help our region discover more young talents who will contribute many initiatives not only within our country but also beyond its borders," noted Nursipat Tylubay, the regional manager of Astana Hub in the Pavlodar region, during a press conference.

The qualifying round and press conference took place at the Youth Initiative Development Center in the Pavlodar region. The social leadership program will consist of four stages: regional qualifying rounds, an educational module, a youth camp, and a project module. Participants who pass the selection will attend a training camp near the foothills of Almaty, where they can exchange experiences with like-minded individuals from other regions of Kazakhstan.

"Our youth center strives to cover everything that interests young people. One of our areas of work is the development of leadership qualities. We are always ready for cooperation and the implementation of joint projects. We hope for active participation of our youth in the Beginit by inDrive program, and we will definitely support their social projects," shared Rizat Rakhimzhanov, the director of the Youth Initiative Development Center in the Pavlodar region.

For additional information about participating in the program and the qualifying round, please contact the project manager of Beginit by inDrive, Ersain Kabdrashev, at +7 705 343 06 12.

Astana Hub is the largest IT startup technopark in Central Asia, established on November 6, 2018. Astana Hub's activities are aimed at forming an ecosystem for IT business, preparing IT talents, and developing startup projects. Currently, 1,317 IT companies are participants in Astana Hub, with 365 of them having foreign participation. They receive informational and educational support, material infrastructure, business development programs, and special tax and visa regimes.

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