"Free Education and Opportunities with Tech Orda": A Resident of Semey Shared His Transformation from Temporary Work to IT Field

The IT industry in our country has undergone a significant transformation, opening up new possibilities. Currently, individuals have the chance to enhance their professions and test their skills in emerging fields. In this context, Tech Orda, a program that provides free education and facilitates entry into prominent national companies, has played a distinctive role. One of the program participants, 29-year-old Zhandos Sapargazy, has redirected his life towards a new trajectory through his involvement in the program. As a result, he has successfully transitioned from temporary work to a significant position in a leading bank.

In an interview with Stan.kz, Zhandos shared his insights on the opportunities provided by Tech Orda, how it has expanded the horizons of the IT industry in our country, and his reflections on shaping the future.

The full version of the interview can be found on the stan.kz website: https://tengrinews.kz/kazakhstan_news/neftyanikov-it-istoriya-odnogo-granta-programmyi-tech-orda-516289/ 

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