Technopark Astana Hub summed up the results of the Investor School and Invest Day

The largest technopark of IT startups in Central Asia, Astana Hub, hosted the Invest Day event.

The main purpose of the event is to bring investment—attractive technology startups and investors together. Everything is very simple here: the best projects will receive funding and, as a rule, their chance to “shoot".

39 startups from Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Switzerland and the UK sent their applications to participate in Invest Day. A total of 11 projects were selected by the event Commission. These are startups from Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Lithuania, Switzerland, and the UK.

List of projects that have been selected for Invest Day:

iGPSkz - Intelligent GPS Tracker;

Bloksport - B2B SaaS platform;

PickUp - e Commerce platform in the retail sector;#nbsp;

Skandy - plagiarism detection service; - automated platform for cryptocurrency trading;

MPT PAY Ltd Digital Bank - startup helps with opening accounts in Europe; - online delivery service with its own warehouse;

Party.Space is a web video chat platform for entertaining online events.

Patent Bot is a bot that registers trademarks in five clicks.

Upgrade Plus - affordable and high-quality online training in one platform.

S Cube is a security management optimization system.

The event was attended by 35 venture investors, business angels and representatives of such funds as: Sturgeon Capital, MCI Capital, Acrobator Ventures, Quest Ventures, Fort Ross Ventures, MOST Ventures, Community of European business angels, Central Asian Angel Investors Club, private club of business angels, PJSC Kirovsky Zavod and others .

Recall that this is the second Invest Day Astana Hub, which was held online. The press service of Astana Hub also notes that among the participants were graduates of the educational course “Investor School”, which by the end of this year trained 116 investors and business angels from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Russia, Ukraine, Great Britain, the Netherlands, the UAE, Indonesia, etc. All these events are held within the framework of the "IT BUSINESS-ANGEL Development Program" in Kazakhstan.

“In the first half of this year, 77 investors were trained at the school. In the second half of the year, 39 investors were trained. We have received 187 applications from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Belgium, Israel, Ukraine, Russia, the Netherlands and Germany.

The most important thing for the participants is the availability of their own capital, the desire for new knowledge in the field of venture financing, as well as the desire to start investing,” the press service of Astana Hub reported.

Astana Hub also added that the successful completion of the online school will enable graduates of the program to earn money in the venture capital investment market, as well as teach them to understand which companies are better to invest in. Among the graduates of the school are such well-known investors as Marat Tolibayev and Amirkhan Omarov.

“Investments of business angels are an important element of the development of the innovation ecosystem. They support startups at early stages, providing not only capital, but also expertise, networking in a professional niche. For this reason, it is important to attract and share experience with novice business angels in Kazakhstan. It is this goal that the Investor School organized by the Astana Hub helps to realize. For 4 streams, we managed not only to share the necessary information regarding investment activities, but also to continue forming a community in which business angels can share deals and experiences.

We saw a lot of interest in the School, and therefore in venture capital investment. So we are waiting for the results soon!” - the curator of the Program, CEO of the Ukrainian Association of Venture and Private Capital (UVCA) Olga Afanasyeva shares

Speakers of the school were: curators of the CEO Program of the Ukrainian Venture and Private Capital Association (UVCA) Olga Afanasyeva, Managing Partner of Monthly Ventures Yuri Rabinovich, venture investor and business angel Murat Abdrakhmanov; Investment Director of Quest Ventures - Anuar Seifullin; CEO and Founder of Veritas Ventures - Vera Futoryansky; founding Partner of Seedstars URU Capital - Jan Saracholu; General Partner of Acrobator Ventures - Bas Godska; investor, co-founder of Dogovor24 - Elena Sedykh; partner and founder of Hype Ventures - Mathias Eklof; The head of I2BF Global Ventures is Denis Kalyshkin.

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