Now Official: Kazakhstan's IT Exports Exceed $500 Million in 2023

According to statistics on external trade in services published by the National Bank of Kazakhstan, last year's exports under the category "computer services" amounted to $529 million. Compared to 2022, when IT exports totaled $337 million, sales of computer services abroad increased by 57% last year.

The main export markets are the USA, Russia, the UAE, and Cyprus.

It is also noteworthy that for the first time ever, the volume of IT exports in Kazakhstan exceeded the import of computer services into the country. In 2023, imports amounted to $493 million (a 35% increase compared to the previous year).

It is worth recalling that earlier, CEO of Astana Hub Magzhan Madiyev stated that over the past three years, the IT export figure in Kazakhstan has increased tenfold: in 2020, it was only $50 million. Meanwhile, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has tasked to raise the IT industry's export figure to $1 billion by 2026.


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