Til-Kazyna and Astana Hub Signed Memorandum of Cooperation

The National Scientific and Practical Center Til-Kazyna, named after Shaysultan Shayakhmetov, and the international technology park Astana Hub have entered into a memorandum of partnership. This collaboration aims to develop and popularize the Kazakh language in the field of new technologies.

The agreement outlines cooperation in digitalization and informatization with government agencies and organizations. Both parties will focus on implementing modern software products and databases to promote the development and dissemination of the Kazakh language in the digital environment.

“Under this memorandum, we have agreed to share our experiences in implementing digital projects related to the use of the Kazakh language in new technologies, and to organize joint events. These efforts are aimed at increasing public awareness and involvement in the processes of digitalization and learning the Kazakh language,” said Makpal Zhumabay, General Director of the National Scientific and Practical Center Til-Kazyna.

“To implement initiatives under the agreement, we plan to hold hackathons, challenges, information sessions, online meetings, and other activities aimed at developing projects in the state language,” emphasized Tanat Uskembayev, Managing Director of Astana Hub.

It is worth noting that the number of participants in the international technology park Astana Hub is growing, with many actively creating innovative projects that contribute to the promotion of national culture and the development of the state language.

In this direction, startups use various tools –from the creation of educational platforms and mobile applications to the development of multimedia projects based on national traditions and fairy tales, as well as the introduction of technologies based on artificial intelligence to expand the range of use of the Kazakh language. More information about these startups can be found on the astanahub.com platform.

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