Only 32 percent of novice startups successfully completed the Startup Garage program

According to the second batch of the program hosted by Astana Hub. Out of 118 participating startups, only 38 managed to complete the incubation process. These successful participants demonstrated linear sales growth, expanded to international markets, and collectively generated over 87 million tenge in sales, creating 68 new job opportunities.

The Startup Garage program, designed to support early-stage startups at the MCI and MVP stages, comprises three carefully curated stages. Each stage involves a thorough analysis of team engagement, potential, activity in events, and progress in product development.

"Projects without results and those violating rules are excluded from the program. This multifaceted approach allows us to identify the most promising and ambitious projects. Over 12 intensive weeks, startups not only received invaluable support and resources but also key tools for product development, packaging, sales channel expansion, and investor attraction," noted Magzhan Madiyev, CEO of Astana Hub.

The project's development requires the application and testing of various techniques tailored to the needs of each startup. Participants in Startup Garage received training from top-notch mentors with rich experience in IT companies. Experts and guest lecturers, including founders of successful startups, investors, and major players in the IT sector, shared insights and advice on creating and developing a successful startup. During incubation, projects such as Quickstarter Plus, Best Price, DentaSense, ekgov, TenderTech, Inventivo, Cubus, Alan, and others confirmed their viability and demonstrated significant growth.

"In three months, thanks to the 'garage,' we were able to enter the open market, where our sales increased more than 12 times—from 100,000 tenge to 1.2 million tenge per month. Starting with simple transfers to Caspi cards in B2C, we transformed into B2B with 'white accounting,' invoices, and certificate provision. We learned not only to find new customers but also confirmed the value of our offering in the market. Currently, our audience consists of 20 kindergartens," shared Ilyas Tasymov, founder of Best Price.

To recap, startups at the MCI and MVP stages can benefit from free training in the incubation program, Startup Garage, offered by Astana Hub. The program provides not only knowledge but also a conducive environment for rapid development, interaction with experts, and engagement with potential investors.

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