Digitalization in action: Astana Hub continues to collect IT-initiatives

Yesterday on this occasion an online meeting with representatives of the IT-community and heads of leading IT-companies of Kazakhstan was held on the site of the technology park. The main topics of discussion were the export of IT products, the development of human capital and the interaction of citizens with the state.

The participants of the meeting offered their ideas on how to solve the problems of project financing, lack of competent human resources as well as support for IT exports abroad. Thus, Arman Suleimenov, the CEO of Zero to One Labs and nFactorial Incubator, proposed the idea of grant education in programming schools: the support measure will increase competition between training programs, improve the quality of education in technological disciplines and make it more accessible for different segments of the population. Mr. Olzhas Satiev, CEO of CARKA, raised the question of the creation of a foreign office for the recruitment of senior developers, which will solve the problem of human resources. At the moment business sector along with government institutions cannot retain senior developers due to competition from outside and lack of career opportunities. Evgeny Scherbinin, CEO of Prime Source, shared his ideas on the development of IT export and re-engineering of the Egov e-government. The entrepreneur noted the need for immersion in industry analytics and strengthening the competences of digitalization committees.

Proposals voiced at the meeting will not only affect the narrow progress of the IT industry, but will also affect the development of individual sectors of Kazakhstan: education, logistics, ecology, public sector, etc. The results of the meeting confirm that the IT-initiatives is a resource to accelerate the solution of global issues and a noticeable increase in digitalization in various industries.

The Astana Hub offers a platform for everyone to put forward their own ideas or solutions to speed up the digitalization of the country and implementation of new projects.

The best IT-initiatives will go to the project group of the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of Kazakhstan for execution.

How to propose an IT-initiative?

1.Create an initiative on the platform .

  1. After submitting an application, your idea will be moderated for compliance with the established rules (violation of RK legislation, non-target initiatives, advertising materials, etc.).
  2. After successful moderation your idea will be published for discussion.
  3. If the initiative gathers the most support votes, it is sent to the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of Kazakhstan (MCRIAP) for consideration.
  4. ICRICA discusses the initiative and makes a decision. If the decision is positive, the initiative is sent to the project team for execution.
  5. The project group conducts work on implementation of the proposed initiative.

Please note: EDS is required to apply.

Initiatives are accepted on the Astana Hub website at the following link:

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