Digital portal celebrates its 15th anniversary!

April 12, 2006 digital platform has started to provide public administration services to the population of Kazakhstan. 62% of the population actively uses the services of digital government, which is about 12 million Kazakh.

From year to year, the range of available services of the electronic portal is expanding. In addition to socially significant services, the portal also provides services for businesses: payments, useful services, licenses, permits, composite and proactive services.

Bagdat Musin, Minister of Digital Development of Kazakhstan, stressed how important the work done in the direction of digitalization of all public administration processes is, and how this process has affected the development of e-government.

"Over the year, we have implemented the possibility of remote issuance of EDS, car registration, acceptance of documents to educational institutions and more than 30 socially significant services. More than 20 services have become available through the Electronic Appeals service. A lot of work has been done! I would like to congratulate all employees on the anniversary and wish them and their families good health and new professional achievements!", the Minister said.

For today on the portal 91% of public services are available to Kazakhstanis. Based on the needs of citizens, the eGov Mobile application was developed, where 91 services and 4 services are available to users, including digital documents, a health passport, a pension calculator and an electronic labor exchange. Using facial biometrics, you can register in the application in a few minutes and issue an EDS. 22 services can be ordered through the messengers Telegram, Facebook and VKontakte. In 2020, more than 60 million public services were provided through all available communication channels.

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