Astana Hub will teach how to create IT products without programming skills

Creating a finished product without programming skills, testing a business model without high costs, launching a startup many times faster and doing without the help of developers is quite realistic. More than 1,000 people have already learned this thanks to the course on creating IT products without programming from Astana Hub. The other day, the metropolitan technopark announced the acceptance of applications for the fourth stream of the No Code program.

No Code is a way to create IT products: websites, web and mobile applications without writing code using special platforms using the visual modeling method. The popularity of this method is explained by the trend towards simplification and automation of all processes, including those in development.

 - In the modern world, having No Code skills makes it possible to earn money by creating IT products, the development of which can take only a few days. At the same time, you do not need to study programming languages ​​for months. The knowledge gained at No Code school from Astana Hub will be useful in work for hire or on freelance sites, as well as in your own IT business, - says Abay Absamet, Managing Director of Astana Hub.

One of the successful cases of creating a company with the help of No Code is the Comet startup, fully implemented on the Bubble platform. Comet is a one-stop exchange for IT freelancers and companies. The project managed to increase the average monthly income to $800,000. Another startup is the Qoins financial platform, which, despite its successful scaling, still operates almost entirely on the basis of Bubble.

Of course, No Code tools cannot replace the professional approach of programmers. However, at the initial stages - for example, when developing an MVP (minimum viable product), when it is necessary to test certain hypotheses, No code tools can significantly simplify and speed up the solution of some tasks. In addition, startups often face situations where investment programs and venture capital competitions require rapid prototyping. In such cases, No Code comes to the rescue as a way to test the future product on your own and practically free of charge in a short time.

Eight qualified experts will train future students on the fourth stream of the No Code express course: IT entrepreneurs, employees of large companies, teachers, certified trackers, such as: Timur Mukhamedzyanov - "Gazprom Neft" tracker, Sergey Malinin - IIDF tracker, Alina Makarenko - certified Scrum Master (PSM I), SAFe Agilist, SAFe RTE, Dmitry Vorotnikov - lead tracker of corporate accelerators X5 Retail Group, Protek, Beeline, and others. Experts will help start-ups set the right goals and bring projects to fruition.

The course starts on February 21 this year. The duration of the program is two months. During this time, future no-coders will learn how to work on the Bubble, Tilda, Webflow, Adalo, Integromat, Glide platforms. According to the organizers, the most active students will receive individual support from trackers-practitioners in their work on projects.

Registration for the No Code course

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