A center for technology consulting services has opened in Astana Hub

The R&D Center already offers services for automation, data analysis and visualization, implementation of financial and management reporting, development of dashboards in Power BI and Google Data Studio. Services are provided by the internationally recognized company “Maxinum Consulting Group"*.


This company was founded in 2016, and it has over 100 projects on its account for clients from Kazakhstan, Russia, Germany, Israel, Canada, the USA, Great Britain, Singapore.

At the center, leading experts will share their experience in exporting IT services to Western Europe and North America, focusing on the field of accounting automation and analytics; find and nurture young talents for exporting IT services, as well as build a community of people interested in Business Intelligence or data analysis. The center also invites interns who want to gain practical experience in data analysis and visualization. 

For Astana Hub residents, the center's employees are ready to provide consulting services on data analysis and visualization. The center's staff will also help develop reports and analyze the activities of the IT community.

The center plans to hold various events, namely: practical workshops, internships, marathons and a hackathon. 

More details: maxinum.co 

* The team received the title of “Top Rated" on the platform Upwork.com , which indicates international recognition in the field of technology consulting for automation, data analysis and visualization.

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Добрый день! В каких городах находится данный консалтинг? Либо укажите пожалуйста контакты чтобы обратиться за консультацией. Спасибо заранее


Здравствуйте! Города Алматы и Нур-Султан. Телефон +7 (701) 755 89 04.