International Children's Day celebrated at Astana Hub

On June 1, in honor of the International Children's Day, Astana Hub hosted the Astana Hub New Generation - an event for children, nephews, younger brothers and sisters of employees.

In total, more than 50 children took part in the children's holiday. They were divided into two groups by age: older and younger. The hub staff gave the children a tour of the departments of the IT technopark, organized a pizza break, interactive games, including assembling a drone, a photo session and showing cartoons in a cinema.

Following the results of the event, one of the participants of the event, Gaukhar Shekenova (8 years old), shared her impressions: “Thank you Astana Hub for this fun holiday, it was very fun, interesting, delicious. I really liked it, it was great. I looked at how other people work, what professions there are, what kind of offices there are, not only closed, but also open. I also looked at how drones are made.”

“Thank you so much for organizing a holiday for children! It was a cool idea to show the kids where their parents work,” said Zarina Balpanova, an accountant at the Astana Hub Financial Office.