Astana Hub Hosts First Blockchain Event - BNB Chain Connect in Central Asia

On April 3, 2024, the Astana Hub international technology park hosted an event as part of the global BNB Chain Connect series. The event aimed to foster the exchange of knowledge, experience, and ideas within the blockchain technology field, with a specific focus on advancing the digital economy in the Central Asian region.

BNB Connect is an initiative aimed at connecting key leaders, founders, and developers in the Web3 and blockchain space. It represents a strategic collaboration between BNB Chain and the Kazakh technology community. The initiative involves discussions on current industry challenges and opportunities for industry development.

“We are delighted to host the BNB Chain event series for the first time in Central Asia. This represents a unique opportunity for participants across various levels, from beginners in Web3 to experienced users, developers, and entrepreneurs, to acquire knowledge and kick-start collaborative projects. This initiative significantly contributes to the development of blockchain technology in the region,” said Valeria Tyo, Director of the Technology Center Development Office at Astana Hub.

The event featured panel discussions and networking sessions designed to foster the creation of business connections and partnerships within the digital technology sector. Speakers shared their insights, discussed the future of blockchain technologies, and highlighted potential opportunities for launching projects in this domain.

“BNB Chain is currently one of the most popular blockchains, boasting a venture capitalization of over $80 billion. It houses a vast community that offers fertile ground for idea realization and active user engagement. With abundant resources and beginner-friendly materials, BNB Chain is increasingly becoming an appealing platform for project development. For instance, creating and testing a token on a decentralized exchange can be achieved in just 8 minutes, enabling anyone to engage in buying or selling your token. This highlights the ease and speed with which projects can be built on the BNB Chain,” stated Yerassyl Amanbek, blockchain engineer at Enoda and BNB Chain Martian.

Presentations were also given by Tosun Ali Atik, the Leading Community Architect in the BNB Chain Ecosystem, Jimmy Chao, Senior Solution Architect of BNB Chain, Alikhan Talipov from EPAM, who serves as Web3 DevRel at Blockchain Professionals, and other distinguished blockchain experts.

Let us remind you that this event is organized by the largest community-driven blockchain ecosystem BNB Chain jointly by the international technology park Astana Hub and Blockchain Center.

The event is organized jointly by the largest community-driven blockchain ecosystem, BNB Chain, and the international technology park Astana Hub in partnership with the Blockchain Center.


About BNB Chain

BNB Chain is a community-driven blockchain ecosystem focused on facilitating Web3 adoption by eliminating barriers.

BNB Smart Chain (BSC) is a secure DeFi hub offering the lowest gas fees among EVM-compatible L1 chains, serving as an ecosystem management chain.

opBNB provides L2 scalability with minimal gas fees compared to other L2 solutions and high processing speed.

BNB Greenfield: addresses the ecosystem's decentralized storage needs and empowers users to create their own data markets.


About Astana Hub

Astana Hub is an international technology park of IT-startups, which creates attractive conditions for the registration, development and operation of high-tech companies both in Kazakhstan and around the world.


About Blockchain Center

Blockchain Center is a laboratory aimed at developing human capital in the blockchain industry, creating a sustainable and reliable ecosystem, and stimulating the growth of blockchain technology in Central Asia and beyond.

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