Astana Venture Club: Fostering Innovation Projects in Kazakhstan

The official launch of Astana Venture Club, a community of business angels interested in investing in and supporting promising tech entrepreneurs, took place in Nur-Sultan. The club's main mission is to develop the culture of venture investing and ecosystem in Kazakhstan, based on Astana Hub.

Astana Venture Club was founded with the aim of familiarizing a wide range of Kazakh entrepreneurs and those looking to expand their financial horizons with alternative investment opportunities. We invite Kazakh business angels to become part of our dynamic community. It is an excellent opportunity for those seeking to diversify their investment portfolio by investing in promising projects both in Kazakhstan and beyond. On our platform, business angels will have the chance to exchange experiences and knowledge with colleagues from around the world, learning and applying the best investment strategies and approaches to maximize their investments," said Nurassyl Zharbasov, Founder and Head of Astana Venture Club.

The event was attended by investors, business community leaders, venture and investment professionals, patrons, and representatives of Kazakhstan's IT community. The club, created to identify and invest in high-potential startups with growth prospects and profitability, aims to foster an environment of mutual assistance and support for investors, advisors, experts, and mentors.

"Scaling ingenious ideas always requires a business angel who can recognize their potential. Therefore, it is crucial for the venture ecosystem to have not only startups and corporations but also investors. This is one of the key activities because without it, there will be no development, no new solutions, no innovations, and no companies that disrupt markets with explosive growth. Thus, the creation of a club for investors is an important step in developing the country's venture ecosystem," noted Vitaliy Polekhin, President of the international investors' organization INVESTORO.

Astana Venture Club's activities focus on educating potential investors and creating a pool of business angels, exploring new international business opportunities, developing networks, supporting portfolio companies, sharing experiences, and sharing risks to enhance investment returns.

"The goals of Astana Venture Club align with the objectives of Astana Hub - to contribute to the development of the venture market. Therefore, our technopark fully supports the initiative to create a community that will provide business angels with the opportunity to enter the world of venture investing and support talented IT entrepreneurs in implementing their innovative solutions," emphasized Abay Absamet, Managing Director of the international technopark Astana Hub.

It is worth noting that the first iteration of the Business Angel School will soon be held on a free basis. Additionally, the club will regularly organize various events, including startup pitching sessions featuring leading experts in the field.

To learn more about Astana Venture Club or to submit a registration application, visit the astanaventure platform.

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