The Space Tech Battle will take a place in Kazakhstan for the first time

Astana Hub, in partnership with the Ministry of Digital Development and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the company Inspirations, will hold an event for startups in the field of space technologies.

The Space Tech Battle will take place on June 2 in Almaty at the Central Eurasian Venture Forum 2023. The event invites representatives from venture funds, business angels, GovTech representatives, and startups from around the world. The prize fund will be $15,000 across the categories of Most Innovative Startup, High Value for Humanity, and Future Space Exploration.

Startups at the SEED, PRE-SEED stage, and those developing solutions in the space industry are eligible to participate in the competition. Participants will be selected based on the presence of a laboratory prototype or other methods confirming the technology's work. The presence of a functional MVP or a ready-made working product will also increase your chances of passing the selection.

If you have ideas for space technologies that can change the world, do not miss this unique opportunity to present your project, attract investment, and scale up your startup. Applications are accepted until May 20, 2023.

Details and application submission can be found at the link.

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